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RFID System Frequency Ranges

There are 4 major frequency ranges that RFID systems operate at. As a rule of thumb, low-frequency systems are distinguished by short reading ranges, slow read speeds, and lower cost. Higher-frequency RFID systems are used where longer read ranges and fast reading speeds are required, such as for vehicle tracking and automated toll collection. Microwave requires the use of active RFID tags.

Frequency Range Tag cost Applications
125 - 148 KHz
3 feet $1+ Pet and ranch animal identification;
car keylocks
13.56 MHz
3 feet $0.50 library book identification;
clothing identification; smart cards
Ultra-high freq
915 MHz
25 feet $0.50 Supply chain tracking:
Box, pallet, container, trailer tracking
100 feet $25+ Highway toll collection;
vehicle fleet identification

The following products are currently exempted from RFID compliance:

Category 8. Medical devices and equipment

Category 9. Control and monitoring equipment

National security use and military equipment

Large stationary industrial tools

Certain light bulbs and some batteries

Spare parts for electronic equipment in the market before July 1, 2006.

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