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RFID Frequency Ranges

There are 4 major frequency ranges that RFID systems operate at. As a rule of thumb, low-frequency systems are distinguished by short reading ranges, slow read speeds, and lower cost. Higher-frequency RFID systems are used where longer read ranges and fast reading speeds are required, such as for vehicle tracking and automated toll collection. Super-high frequency (SHF) requires the use of active RFID tags.

Frequency Name Range Tag cost Applications
Low-frequency (LF RFID)
125 KHz, 134 KHz
3 feet $1+ Pet and ranch animal identification;
car keylocks
High-frequency (HF RFID)
13.56 MHz
NFC 3 feet $0.08 library book identification;
clothing identification; smart cards
Ultra-high freqency (UHF RFID)
433 MHz, 900-915 MHz
RAIN 25 feet $0.08 Supply chain tracking:
Box, pallet, container, trailer tracking
Super-high frequency (SHF RFID)
2.45 GHz, 5.8 GHZ
300+ feet $40+ Highway toll collection;
vehicle fleet identification

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