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RFID Tag Products

RFID product labels. Sometimes called smart labels, these sticky labels have UPC barcode information printed on the front, with the RFID chip embedded on the back side of the label. They are found on supermarket shelves to shipping pallets to books to company assets likes computers and monitors.

RFID wristbands. Sometimes called smart bands, these are RFID micro-chips embedded in plastic wristbands to track movement, RFID wristbands are gaining popularity in hospitals, correctional facilities and amusement parks as a way to track a person's stay.

RFID employee badges. Used for employee access control into a facility. Rather than having to swipe a badge through a magnetic reader, one simply passes by an RFID reader installed on a door.

RFID keychains. These are RID chips embedded into a car key fob and allow one to unlock the door and start the car without removing the keys from your pocket or purse. They contain active RFID tags, and are available in some Toyota and Lexus models.

RFID laundry tags. RFID tags are often applied to uniforms, linens and other garments used in an organization

RFID sensor tags.

Sensor RFID tags are used for telemetry applicationsto detect environmental factors such as temperature, pressure, humidity or motion. They are often used in IoT applications.

RFID race timing systems. Sports racing events often use RFID race timing components to calculate race times among athletes.

RFID file tracking systems.

RFID tags are applied to paper documents and folders to track their location in an organization.

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