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RFID and the Wal-Mart Mandate

In 2003, WalMart directed that its top 100 suppliers use RFID tagging in the now-famous Wal-mart RFID Mandate. Passive RFID tags would be required on pallets and cases, identified with an EPCglobal symbol. However, due to technical difficulties, the plan was scaled back a bit since then.

Back then, RFID technology was not ready for prime time, with tags being too expensive, and middleware was not yet mature enough for suppliers and Wal-mart to glean much useful data from the tags in a timely fashion. But that has changed now with the 10X drop in price of tags, coupled with robust middleware and cloud computing capabilities.

Today, other major retailers that have implemented an RFID strategy include:

Fred Myer
Ralph Lauren
Rebecca Minkoff

Outside of retail, here are some other big names using RFID:

BJC HealthCare
Blue C Sushi
Walt Disney
Wells Fargo

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